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EyeDetect Can Now Accurately Score 4 Target Issues in One Lie Detector Test

Hailed a Scientific Breakthrough in Lie Detection, a New Protocol Allows Testing and Scoring of Up To Four Relevant Target Issues in Less Than 30 Minutes with 88 Percent Accuracy Overall

LEHI, Utah, June 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Converus has set another benchmark for the lie detection industry with its new testing protocol called the EyeDetect Multi-issue Comparison Test (MCT). Originally released in 2014, EyeDetect first introduced ocular-motor deception testing to the world. Now, it has significantly enhanced that first offering.

This latest advancement, the MCT protocol, not only scores up to four relevant issues per test with 88 percent overall accuracy, but also identifies the target issue that caused the candidate to fail the test at 75 percent accuracy. Such testing results are not currently available in any other lie detector in the world.

"MCT is a revolutionary scientific advancement unlike any other," said Converus CEO Todd Mickelsen. "It will help organizations make more informed hiring decisions by providing more significant data."

Converus Chief Scientist Dr. John Kircher said, "In my 42 years of working with deception detection technologies, the discovery of predictors that accurately pinpoint which questions were answered deceptively is one of the most significant experiences in my career."

The Kent Police Department (PD) in Washington state has used EyeDetect in its hiring process since 2017. It and the Idaho State Police will be some of the first customers to implement the MCT protocol. Justin Davis, Kent PD background investigator said, "We're very excited to add MCT testing to an already effective tool and expect it to continue to aid us in hiring the best candidates."

According to Mickelsen, EyeDetect is a nonintrusive, scientifically validated lie detection technology that accurately detects deception in 15 to 30 minutes by analyzing eye and other behaviors. Results are available in less than 5 minutes. It's currently used by more than 500 customers in 40 countries in 30 different languages.

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About Converus® Converus provides scientifically validated credibility assessment technologies. EyeDetect® detects deception at 86 to 90% accuracy in 15 to 30 minutes by analyzing eye and other behaviors. It helps protect countries, corporations and communities from corruption, crime and threats. Converus is headquartered in Lehi, Utah, USA. Visit:

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