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Welcome to the future of lie detection with EyeDetect+

An automated, objective, and standardized solution that harnesses the power of two scientifically proven technologies to deliver unparalleled accuracy in detecting truth and deception.


Whether you seek to screen potential employees, resolve disputes, or ensure the integrity of your organization, Deception Detection, and EyeDetect+ are your unrivaled partners for accurate and reliable lie detection.

Say goodbye to long wait periods.

Now, with EyeDetect+ you can have results in less than an hour. Our automated system swiftly and accurately collects and analyzes both physiological and behavioral data, delivering results in a fraction of the time compared to traditional polygraph testing.

Unlike the traditional polygraph, EyeDetect+ offers a more comfortable and non-invasive testing process. By replacing the cardio cuff with a less intrusive measure, we eliminate a source of discomfort for examinees. You can now undergo the test with ease, ensuring a stress-free environment that doesn't compromise the accuracy of the results.

The gold standard for truth.

EyeDetect+ sets the gold standard for discerning between truthful and deceptive individuals. By analyzing physiological and behavioral indicators, our technology uncovers even the most subtle cues that might indicate deception.


The computer-administered EyeDetect+ test ensures complete objectivity and standardization throughout the examination process. By eliminating human intervention, we reduce potential sources of error, such as examiner bias or fatigue. Every examinee receives the same fair and unbiased treatment, guaranteeing consistent and reliable results.

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